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Tax - Private Client

Archer Wise provides the basic service of preparation and submission of personal income tax returns for all clients. There are requirements for higher rate tax-payers to submit personal income tax returns taking into consideration their employment and investment income. Investment income can be derived from various sources such as bank deposit interest, dividends from shareholdings or property rental income. For UK-resident tax clients, Archer Wise can provide a more comprehensive tax planning on using tax breaks available such as increasing pension contributions to obtain tax breaks, investing into tax-free investments such as ISA or into investments that are both tax-free and obtains tax breaks. We also assist busines owners in making the right decision to both optimise their tax position.

The majority of Non-UK resident private clients for Archer Wise are due to property income in the United Kingdom. Any income derived in the United Kingdom is subject to taxes in the United Kingdom and we assist our foreign clients in this matter.

The two other personal taxes that have a huge impact on our private clients are Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax. These taxes impact both UK-residents and Non-UK residents. Capital Gains Tax are payable on the gains made on the disposal of a capital asset. Inheritance Tax is payable where the combined estate exceeds the threshold of £325,000 per individual or £650,000 combined for a married couple. Archer Wise reviews the client's position and provides the most suitable advice to optimise their tax position in respect of Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

One's personal tax position can be complicated and for specilist advice, please contact us to discuss your requirements.