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Tax - Business

All businesses irrespective of size has to submit a tax return albeit a corporation tax return, partnership tax return or for sole traders, the information will be on their personal tax return. Archer Wise provides this basic business tax service as part of our basic services where accounting services have been engaged.

Many business owners are concerned on the impact of tax on the business and themselves personally. At Archer Wise we provide our clients with the tax implications of the different scenarios and assist them with making the best choice which suits their requirements.

The purchase of equipment can have a major impact on the cashflow and the tax of the business. The option to purchase the equipment outright or through finance purchase or through a leasing agreement all have different impact on the tax liability of the business. Purchase of business premises can also have an impact on the tax liability of the business i.e. the location of the office where there are tax breaks if the office is in a deprived area or if IBA is available.

Businesses in the field of technology, medicine and innovation can also have tax breaks using the different tax breaks available such as R&D or Patent Box. Where mergers or acquisitions have occurred, there is the factor of the goodwill purchased and again there are tax allowances available if the conditions have been met.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements as the services offerred will have to be tailor-made.