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Employers support

There have been many changes to employment legislation in the United Kingdom over the last several years. Archer Wise has been in the forefront of assisting our clients to minimise the impact on their business.

The first major change is the administration of payroll through Real Time Information (RTI) where payroll report is provided to H. M. Revenue & Customs on a monthly basis. The second major change is the Auto-Enrolment process. Employers are now required to provide employees with an option to enter into a pension fund. The employer must be able to evidence the existence of the pension fund even though there are no employees who wish to contribute to the fund. Archer Wise together with its partners have provided a solution to its clients in this aspect. The directors can opt for their own pension fund or a combined pension fund with their employees.

Archer Wise can also assist employers to analyse the impact of taxation for the employee and the business when providing benefits to employees. Benefits can include a company car, gym membership, medical insurance or even the tax-free allowance for that all important Christmas party.

Archer Wise understands that each organisation is different and each organisation has a different structure of remunerating their employee. We aim to provide a personalised tailor-made service to the employer to suit their employment requirements. Please contact us to discuss the services that we can offer employers.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements as the services offerred will have to be tailor-made.